Part time jobs in Dubai UAE

Wondering where to get part time jobs? Here is a complete guide to find and apply for part time jobs in UAE. Before knowing how to apply for part time jobs let us take a look at what a part time job is.

Part time job is the kind of job where a person will have to work in shifts as well as will have less working hours compared to a normal full time worker. Part time jobs are mostly seen in places that offer 24 hour services, airport, bars, hotels etc. It can be very exciting and fun to work jobs as well.

In the beginning part time jobs were not allowed in UAE but part time jobs are now legal in UAE but just like a normal work permit you will also need a part time work permit in order to work.

The best jobs that a person can apply as a part time are:-

  • Bartender
  • Bank Teller 
  • Tour guide
  • Personal driver
  • School Driver
  • Nanny
  • Mail Carrier
  • Bookkeeper
  • Brand Ambassador

Students now can apply for part time jobs. The age limit of a student who can apply for a part job is 16 and above. If you have a work visa or family visa then you can apply for part time jobs and work as a part time worker at any place.
Part Time jobs in UAE

Are you a person who is searching for jobs currently and want to earn some money while you are looking for a full time job then here are some part time jobs in UAE.

Part time jobs in Dubai