Teaching Jobs in UAE

Types: Full time, Part time
Sector: Teaching

Are you looking Teaching jobs in UAE? If yes, you have better chance to get teaching  in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and across United Arab Emirates. We listing teaching related job vacancies. So apply with your latest CV, through the e mail address below.

Are you an aspiring teacher looking for a position in UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman or Abu Dhabi?  here is what you need to keep an eye one

Teachers are people who teach a new thing or an important concept to a child or a student. They are typically in schools and colleges but now you can see them in tuition centres or even in institutes. According to various countries, the qualifications and job descriptions for the teachers may vary.

Teacher job in UAE.

In the UAE teachers are highly in demand since the schools and colleges are reopening. Because of this it’s more likely that you can get a job in UAE as a teacher. Some of the Teaching Jobs in UAE or is in demand are:-


1. Language Trainers/ Language Teachers jobs in UAE.

These are the people who teach various languages other than English which may be mandatory in most schools. They focus on teaching you to speak, read, write and understand these languages. The average salary of language teachers in UAE is AED 12,300 pm /- at a language school and at a school, it starts at AED 5600/- pm.

2. Teaching Assistant jobs in UAE.

Teaching assistants are people who assist the students or an individual student besides the teacher at the school. This ensures that the students can keep up as well as get enough attention to study.
The average salary of a teaching assistant job in the UAE is AED 2,730/- pm.

3. Music and Arts Teacher jobs in UAE.

The teachers who focus on teaching the creative aspects of life and studies such as fine arts, music, applied arts etc. It’s important that every student not only improves their academic side but also their creative side. The average salary of a music and arts teacher job in UAE is AED 3560/- pm.

4. Nursery Teacher jobs in UAE.

Nursery teachers are the people that teach children in Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten or the children of the age 3-5. They are the children’s first teaching friends outside of their homes. Some of their job responsibilities include making education fun understandable, working along with other teachers to make the school environment safe inviting, and so on. The average salary of a nursery teacher job in the UAE is AED 4770/- pm.

5. Subject Teacher jobs in UAE.

Teachers who teach a specific subject like math, science or social science etc are known as subject teachers. They specialize in teaching the students these subjects alone and may need a degree or certificates to these subjects. The average salary of a subject teacher in UAE is AED 4974/- pm.

Salary of teachers may vary according to the place you are that is,

  • Teaching jobs in Sharjah the avg salary is AED 2688/- pm.
  • Teacher jobs in Dubai the avg salary is AED 4950/- pm.
  • Teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi the avg salary is AED 4974/- pm.
  • Teacher jobs in Ras Al Khaimah the avg salary is AED 6305/- pm.
  • Teacher jobs in Ajman the avg salary is AED 5739/- pm.

Available Job vacancies


  • Experience: 2 – 4 Years
  • Industry: Education, Training, Teaching, Academics
  • Job Location: Sharjah – United Arab Emirates
  • Education: Any Graduation()
  • Gender: Not Mentioned

Job Description

Job definition:
Teaching assistants play a key role in supporting children’s learning. They work as part of a team, plan learning experiences, support health and safety, serve as a positive role model for students, and provide a stimulating learning environment focused on innovation.
Teaching Assistants support the teacher and students indoors and outdoors during the work day. They participate in play-based activities that promote the development of language and communication skills. In addition, they are involved in planning and supporting learning across all curriculum areas as specified within the Foundation Stage for Children’s Learning framework. Teaching Assistants may be asked to provide pedagogical monitoring of students when requested by the Phase Leader.
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2. English Teaching Assistant

  • Experience: 2 – 4 Years
  • Job Location: Sharjah – United Arab Emirates
  • Education: Any Graduation()
  • Industry: Education, Training, Teaching, Academics
  • Gender: Not Mentioned

Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities

Job Summary
To support Teachers and helping children with their educational and social development, both in and out of the classroom. Working closely with Teachers to make sure pupils enjoy learning in a safe and caring setting.
To support children with their learning activities in the classroom. To work with children and play a part in their education and wellbeing.
Qualifications & Requirements
• Minimum of High School Certificate.
• Should have valid Sponsor Visa (Parent/ Spouse)

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3. Science Teaching Assistant

  • Experience: 5 – 7 Years
  • Job Location: United Arab Emirates – United Arab Emirates
  • Education: Bachelor of Education(Education)
  • Industry: Recruitment, Placement Firm, Executive Search
  • Gender: Not Mentioned

Job Description
About the Role
The successful applicants will demonstrate high levels of motivation and have the ability to engage, support, lead and inspire studentsto raise standards along with delivering effective outcomes for all children. You will preferably have experience in either UK schools or an international setting.
At Safa Community School we aim to work together to create a nurturing environment that enables our students to discover their potential and possibilities. We want them to become fulfilled and rounded adults who will make a positive contribution to the world in which they are growing up. We allow our students the freedom to work in a variety of contexts and settings when meeting new challenges, allowing them the chance to discover and create. Gifts and talents are celebrated and fully explored.
General Professional Responsibilities
• Working with teachers to establish an appropriate learning environment.
• Determine the need for, prepare and maintain equipment and resources required to meet the learning activities.
• Implement agreed teaching programmes, adjusting activities according to student responses and needs.
• Encourage students to engage in, and participate in learning activities led by the science teacher.
• Establish good relationships with students, acting as a role model and responding to the needs of each individual child.

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4. PE Teaching Assistant

  • Experience: 2 – 3 Years
  • Job Location: Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Education: Any Graduation()
  • Industry: Education, Training, Teaching, Academics
  • Gender: Not Mentioned

Job Description

We are looking for a Physical Education Teaching assistant to join the GIS family from . You will hold a key role in supporting the Teacher/ Lead Practitioner in promoting the learning and personal development of all students.
You will have various responsibilities including planning your role in the lessons, supervising and facilitating individual support for the students and providing informal feedback on student progress and achievement.
You will record and share with the Teacher and school Leaders issues of concern and positive feedback about the students.
You will work closely under the guidance of the Teacher to communicate with the students and their parents but also to maintain a file and other relevant documents.
Key Responsibilities include but not limited to:
• Assist the Specialist Teacher with the education, supervision and welfare of all the children

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5. LEADING TEACHERS-Teaching and Learning

  • Experience: 2 – 4 Years
  • Job Location: United Arab Emirates – United Arab Emirates
  • Education: Any Graduation()
  • Industry: Education, Training, Teaching, Academics
  • Gender: Not Mentioned

Job Description

Teaching and Learning
Australian Curriculum and IBDP
The VISS Group of Schools is seeking an Leading Teachers to join the leadership team at VISS Al Tawuun Campus
VISS is an Australian curriculum school partnering with the government of Sharjah, under the direction of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah, Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, and in collaboration with the Victorian government in Australia, VISS is a premium Not-for-Profit International School Group in the United Arab Emirates, offering the highly regarded VISS education model encompassing the best of the Australian curriculum adapted for our local UAE context. The VISS Group schools offer authentic education and cultural opportunities to our local and international communities.
VISS offers many exciting experiences and opportunities both professionally and personally celebrating Emirati, Australian, and international culture and traditions.
The Leading Teacher will work directly with the Head of School, SLT and wider executive leadership of the VISS Group with the overall strategic direction of the school.

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6. Teaching Assistant Position

  • Experience: 1 – 2 Years
  • Job Location: Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates
  • Education: Any Graduation()
  • Industry: Education, Training, Teaching,  Academics
  • Gender: Not Mentioned

Job Description

The Department of Foundations of Education at the College of Education at the UAEU invites applications for teaching assistants position. Successful candidates will be requested to pursue their graduate studies (Master and Doctorate of Philosophy) in well recognized university in the United States. Candidates should appreciate pursuing academic career with commitments to teaching and research. Applicants should submit a detailed curriculum vitae that includes a brief description of future vision of teaching at UAE University and research interest. Applicants must have an earned Bachelor of Arts degree in Education with an overall GPA of 3.0 and above from reputable university. Candidates should be able to demonstrate strong communication skills, adequate English proficiency, ability to use computers.

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The formal instruction of students is often provided by paid, qualified teachers. If you are interested send you updated Resume.